Week Menu 24 – 30 october 2016

Hollands Kaasplankje met Roggebrood & Appelstroop
Dutch Cheese Plate
Selection of Dutch Cheeses with Rye Bread & Homemade Apple Butter
Wine selection: Visavi Barde Rosso – Parovel

Runner Bean Soup
Wine selection: Visavi Barde Bianco – Parovel

Hachee met Aardappelpuree, Doppertjes en Appelmoes
Dutch Stew with Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Applesauce
Wine selection: Cabernet Franc – Sara & Sara

Griesmeelpudding met Boerenjongens en Stoofpeertjes
Semolina Pudding with Raisins and Poached Pears
Wine selection: Verduzzo Friulano – Sara & Sara

Koffie met Koekjes
Dutch coffee and biscuits

4 course menu incl. coffee with sweets and 4 courses wine pairing

Set 4 course menu by reservation only.