Vineyards and Olive Groves

Wijn- en olijfgaarden

De Parovel familie begon in 1898 met de productie van wijn, in het dichtbij Trieste gelegen dorp 
Caresana. Het dorpje was in die periode onder de heerschappij van de Serenissima Republiek,
 terwijl Trieste behoorde tot het Oostenrijk-Hongaarse keizerrijk. De familie is toen begonnen hun producten te verkopen aan reizigers op weg naar Venetië en Wenen.

Massimiliano Parovel, één van de zonen, begon zich te specialiseren in de cultivatie van olijfboom- en wijngaarden.
 Hij begreep het verschil tussen de diverse microklimaten van de bodem en de positieve invloed
 daarvan op de wijnstokken. Aan het begin van de zeventiger jaren beginnen zijn zoon Zoran en diens 
vrouw Rosa met het bottelen van de wijn en extra vergine olijfolie.

In de jaren 90 specialiseren de kinderen Euro en Elena zich in de autochtone variëteiten. 
De stijl van de productie van Parovel is altijd nauw verbonden aan de karakteristieken van het gebied
 en gericht op een aangename smaak van de olie en wijn.


Parovel Vineyards & Olive Groves

The Winery

At Parovels' the wines are produced in harmony with nature and are worked to enhance the micro-terroir where vines are planted. Euro Parovel, winemaker, says gladly that his task is to enhance the power and wealth that his land gives to the vineyard. He personally oversees every job from the arrival of the grapes in the wine cellar to their completion of refinement.

It's the family tradition that guides every gesture and production choices but not only. Being first of all a "terroirist", Euro allows enough time for the must to become wine without excessive intervention. The drinkability and uniqueness in the glass are the two mottos that guide his work in the cellar. With the line Barde, Parovel offers a wide range of white and red, still and sparkling, dry and sweet wines that meet the expectations of each wine lover. In the heart of the wine cellar everyday wines are handled with the same care as those to keep for special moments of joyful life.

The Oil Mill

At the village of Caresana-Mačkolje, our birthplace, there is still an old mill with millstones made of granite, now a museum, where all the growers in the area led their olives to pressing. When November came between the wine cellars and the oil mill in the village it was a big feast. Women and men took to the mill baskets filled with bianchera-belica (native olive variety of the area of San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina) and each patiently waited for their turn. To spin the wheel there were the younger and stronger men, women and older men encouraged from the sides or standing for a chat outside the mill. The last year of opening of this mill dates back to 1963.

With the new generation leading the company and with the need to control the entire production chain, in 1996 the new Oil Mill was born, owned by the Parovel family, where squeezing plays a vital role in the quality of the final product: extra virgin olive oil. But the fun-loving spirit has never failed and during the oil campaign around Parovel mill the bustle of people continues just like the time of our grandparents.

In 2000 the new Parovel Oil Mill was housed in the Industrial Area Dolina at the foot of the village of San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina, in the province of Trieste, and is a continuous cycle plant with a Pieralisi line for cold pressing, two decanters and extraction of the oil by centrifugation. Parovel mill is open to the public every year in conjunction with the oil campaign in October and November.